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Why is it always ‘queer people are projecting their identities onto characters’ and never ‘straight people are presuming that their identity is the default’?


"if you’re not a boy or a girl then what are you?" jacked as fuck and ready to fight


when my dad was in law school he knew these two girls who told him “people look at us like we were meat anyway so we decided to make some money off of it” so they wore bikinis and high heels and sold WAY overpriced hot dogs as a way of financing their education. they graduated summa cum laude with no debt and let me just say i have never been so inspired

Fuck everything I’m so fucking done I don’t want to fucking live sometimes especially not like this because it’s all such a high level of bullshit and nope that I’m not a high enough fucking level for in life and someone being annoyed by me saying no or not wanting to hang makes me want to cry or set them on fire or both so I swear to fucking god just let me scream and be pissed and don’t FUCKING MAKE ME FEEL BAD WHEN I FUCKING PUT MY SELF FIRST I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD